Founded by Matthew Kelly in February 2012, and based in Warrington, UK; Cadaeic Studios is an indie run games development company, currently developing games for the Android platform. We mainly develop remakes of old classic retro games, such as Snake or Asteroids, while putting our own unique twist into them.

Though we do re-develop retro games, this isn't stopping us from designing and developing some of our own games. For exmaple, the currently classified 'Project: SOUL'. We have also decided to take AstroBlast to a whole new level with the upcoming AstroBlast 2, due to it's unexpected popularity.

All of our games are developed using our own game engine: Sky Engine. This is a 2D game engine, that utilises the Android's canvas and surfaces. It can handle pretty much anything thrown at it. The engine itself is extremely close to completion, with only one major thing left to add; as well as minor updates on the sidelines. One thing we are really looking forward to doing is implementing 3D into the engine ready for the Ouya.

The games we develop are currently only for the Android platform, but we are definitely seeking to branch out to other platforms, such as PC and XBOX 360, and this is currently being progressed towards as we're gradually developing a 3D game engine in C++ with OpenGL.


Want to help us out? You can donate any amount you wish to help us maintain this website, and produce more and better games - not just for Android, but for other platforms, too! Your dontations could help us to develop games for iPhone and iPad, PC and XBOX; even Steam.