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AstroBlast is a fun remake of the original Asteroids game. Your ship has been caught up in an asteroid field, and is being heavily damaged. Destroy, or weave, your way through the asteroids that are coming towards you, and try to survive for as long as possible!

But wait, what's this? Some of the asteroids aren't as friendly as they first seem! Blast them away with your Shockwave ability, but be careful! It has very limited ammunition.

There is no limit to the number of waves, so you can play for as long as you wish, across six modes of varying difficulty (are you mad enough to try hardcore mode?)

If you're competitive, then why not try to compete against people from all over the world using the inbuilt Global Leaderboard system. You can track you position here!

Want to play the game the way you want to? Select 'Free Play' mode from the main menu and you can design your own stages, the way you want them.

  • Survive for as long as possible, where every asteroid is unique in design.
  • Save your score onto the highscore board and compete against your friends.
  • NEW! Sumbit your score the Global Leaderboard and compete against people from all over the world!
  • Want to create your own levels? Well you can, in Free Play mode!
  • 6 levels of varying difficulty.
  • Excellent 8-bit retro sound effects.
  • Asteroids all have different abilities, depending on their colour.
  • Possible to make the game harder, by disabling your Turbos or the Shockwave.
  • Ability to share your score to social networking sites.

Game Information
  • Platform: Android, Kindle
  • Genre: Action and Arcade
  • Release: March 7, 2012
System Requirements
  • Android: 1.6+
  • Size: 430kb
  • Extra: Possibe multi-touch screen
  • PEGI: Everyone
  • Price: Free