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Remake of the classic Missile Command that still has that retro feeling!

You have 3 towers, 30 missiles and 6 cities to defend; but the enemy has other ideas. Destroy the incoming enemy missiles to defend the cities! As the enemy increases in intensity, you may have to think more carefully about where to fire your missile.

The higher your score the better! Some cities get rebuilt at certain score landmarks.

  • Survive for as long as possible, as the enemies attack increases with more intensity.
  • Save your score onto the highscore board and compete against your friends!
  • Ability to select the tower with which you wish to fire from.
  • Enemy spacecraft fly across the screen, destroy them for more score!
  • Excellent 8-bit retro sound effects.
  • Cities are rebuilt at score landmarks.

Game Information
  • Platform: Android
  • Genre: Action and Arcade
  • Release: May 27, 2012
System Requirements
  • Android: 1.6+
  • Size: 1.3M
  • Extra: Possibe multi-touch screen
  • PEGI: Everyone
  • Price: Free